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Digital Film Studio

Welcome to the AAE Digital Film Studio. The Digital Video Program here at the Lewis Center was created to introduce students to the creative world of Digital Filmmaking. Here film students will learn the basics of Filmmaking including, Scripting, Lighting, Acting, Camera Operation, Make-up, Set Construction/Design, Editing, Sound, Special Effects and more. This is not a normal “broadcasting” setting as in most other high school video production classes. Those programs are based in newscasts, what’s for lunch, what new book is available at the library, sports information and more. (Boring) Here you get to write your own short film, act it out here in the studio or on our huge backlot location, complete with western town and riverbed, shoot and edit it, add sound, titles, music and FX and show it to the school! Coolness beyond compare!    
The studio was created 25 years ago as a one of a kind High School program to introduce students into the incredible film industry. Many former AAE students have either started their own production companies, continued education at a college film school or gone into the film industry. Even if you do not plan a film career, you will use what you learn here in this class to help you in any media setting throughout your life.
We offer a two-year program for those interested in the class. 101 Beginning Video Production and 201 Advanced Video Production. In the 101 class you learn all the basics and work in small groups of students. You do everything together, it’s fun, engaging and rewarding when you see your finished film up on the big screen. In the 201 class, we start to refine production techniques and you produce many of your short films on your own or with groups within or outside the class. This teaches you to become what I call “The Complete Filmmaker”.  
The AAE Digital Film class boasts all High Definition gear and equipment. From DSLR cameras and operating rigs to our New 4K Cameras we have all the tools to make your visions come alive. The studio also welcomes our New M1 Mac’s for lighting fast video production and graphics. This along with our new 4K monitors is something that many schools do not offer.
In closing I would like to welcome you by stopping by the AAE Studio at any time for a quick tour. We are located in Building “A” right behind the flagpoles. We offer small classes and great instruction by the teacher who worked in the film industry and in production for many years as a professional.