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Meet our ASB Advisors:

Scantlin Sam Scantlin, Middle School ASB Advisor

Mrs. Scantlin has been in education for 26 years.  She often states that she "goes to school, not to work".
Teaching and touching the lives of children is her passion. "In my eyes, every student has the potential to become a leader." - Mrs. Scantlin

Beare BreAnna Beare, High School ASB Advisor

Mrs. Beare has been in education since 2004, taking on many diverse roles, including time spent teaching preschool, as well as elementary and middle school students. She has served as ASB Advisor since 2017 and has a true passion for mentoring students, preparing them for leadership positions in high school and beyond.  

Meet our ASB Officers

ASB Pres.

Cobin Ramirez, ASB President

Hi, my name is Cobin Ramirez and I am the ASB President. Born and raised in this school since kindergarten, I’ve always been invested in the positive impact I can have in my peers. I strive to promote a more inclusive campus environment and I hope I can graduate this year knowing I’ve spent my time wisely uplifting those around me. 

ASB Treasurer

Isabella Vasquez, ASB Secretary

Hi, my name is Isabella Vasquez and I am the ASB Secretary! I love leadership roles as well as helping others. I am dedicated to serving the student body. I have served as Sophomore President in the past and hope to serve as ASB president in the future!


Savannah Rodriguez, ASB Vice President

Hi! My name is Savannah Rodriguez and I am the ASB Vice President. I am a spirited and kind friend who loves to be involved in my school community and help lead. Some of my favorite things are dance, painting, plants, and the beach. 


Gracie Farber, ASB Treasurer

Hi, my name is Gracie Farber and I am your ASB Treasurer! I love helping to promote our school spirit and participating in all of our fun school activities. In my free time I enjoy playing softball, hanging out with friends, and thrifting!