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Meet our ASB Advisors:

Scantlin Sam Scantlin, Middle School ASB Advisor

Mrs. Scantlin has been in education for 26 years.  She often states that she "goes to school, not to work".
Teaching and touching the lives of children is her passion. "In my eyes, every student has the potential to become a leader." - Mrs. Scantlin

Beare BreAnna Beare, High School ASB Advisor

Mrs. Beare has been in education since 2004, taking on many diverse roles, including time spent teaching preschool, as well as elementary and middle school students. She has served as ASB Advisor since 2017 and has a true passion for mentoring students, preparing them for leadership positions in high school and beyond.  

Meet our ASB Officers


Alexis Suttle, ASB President

Hi, I’m Alexis Suttle the ASB President. I’m very passionate about human rights and giving a voice to those that can’t speak up themselves. However, I’m also a coffee junkie and a hot win enthusiast.

Makaiya Prince, ASB Secretary

My name is Makaiya Prince and I am the ASB Secretary. I have a passion for helping others and being someone that people can rely on. I am dedicated to serving the student body, and I have enjoyed being in ASB for the past 6 years.


Brianna Tran, ASB Vice President

Hi y’all! I’m Brianna Tran, your current ASB Vice President. I’ve been apart of ASB since middle school and love planning events. I love playing tennis and getting boba in my free time. If you have any questions or want to talk, feel free to say hi anytime! 


Mikayla Ramirez, ASB Treasurer

Hi, I’m Mikayla Ramirez the ASB Treasurer. I love to help others and plan on becoming a nurse in the future! My favorite thing to do is hang out with my friends and go on beach trips!