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Verifying Absences

Verifying Absences by Note, e-mail or by Telephone

To report an absence, a parent must send a note to school, e-mail to , or

call in to our absence verification phone line at (760) 946-5414 ext. 253.

·      Absences should be verified within 24 hours.

·      Parents/Guardians have 10 school days to verify the reason for absences, after which it will be noted as a truancy.

Absence verification needs to include:

·      Full name of student

·      Date(s) of absence

·      Specific reason of absence

·      Name and/or identity (i.e. mother or father) of person providing the information

Excessive excused absences may require a Doctor's note.

Attendance concerns will be addressed by a Student Attendance Review Team (SART)

prior to referral to the AAE School Board.