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Planned Absences

In the case of planned absences, please note the following:
  1. If you must pull your child from school for time periods other than the already arranged school holidays, please notify your child's teachers at least 3 days in advance to give the teachers time to put work together.
  2. If arrangements are made in advance to collect work to be done while the student is gone then that work is due the first day the student returns to school. Teachers may opt to not give work before the student leaves, but assign it after the student returns.
  3. If a student is pulled out of school for unexcused absences, after school tutoring to make up missed in-class instructions may not be available and some of those in-class assignments may carry a grade of zero.
  4. Students who are also out with unexcused absences on days when there is a quarter assessment or semester final may not be able to make up that assessment and their grade may be negatively impacted.
We highly encourage parents to make arrangements for family vacations and time outs during the assigned school holidays.