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Early Sign-Out

Early Sign-Out

·      Only authorized adults (listed on the emergency card) with photo ID can sign out a student at the school office.

·      For student safety, students will not be released from class until the parent arrives on the school campus.

·      Students who are not 18 years of age cannot sign themselves off campus without written permission from their parent/guardian. A note or email must be received from their parent with a valid phone number where they may be reached. Students may leave once parent contact has been made.

·      Removal from school 30 minutes or less prior to dismissal should only occur on a rare occasion. A constant pattern of early removal will require a parent/student meeting with administration. The Administration strongly discourages the removal of any student 30 minutes or less prior to the scheduled dismissal time.


Acceptable early sign-out excuses are:

a) Illness

b) Visitation to a medical office, clinic, doctor or dentist (note required from office)

c) Funeral of an immediate family member

d) Quarantine of the home

e) School sponsored events

f) Jury Duty

g) Religious event