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Waiting List

Welcome to the waiting list! At this point, you have already turned in your application and have gone through the one time lottery process. Here comes the difficult part for everyone - waiting.

The wait time varies by grade level, which prevents us from bringing in siblings at the same time. However, when one student comes in, siblings are then promoted to the sibling list by date of application.

Lists are arranged by year of high school graduation. For example, a second grader in the 2016-2017 school year will be on the list for the Class of 2027. Our reference sheet can be used to determine your child's year of high school graduation.

To streamline our waiting list process, we have changed our terminology to one list per class of students. Fundamentally, nothing will change in regards to wait time for current and future waiting list prospects. Here is an example of the change in terminology:

Up until now parents have been able to apply for future grades i.e. 7th grade in four years. These lists were kept separately and then merged toward the end of a school year with those students who did not receive an offer of enrollment for the current year. This process adversely affects the waiting list when the merge occurs. The new system of keeping one list per graduation year (Class of...) will provide a more complete picture of your child's ranking.

If you are called prior to your desired grade level of preference, you may decline but that student will be placed at the bottom of his/her waiting list.  Keep in mind, siblings will always affect ranking order, however, your family reference code keeps the appropriate place in line. Enrollment is always based on space available.

The waiting list page has four columns. The following explains each column:
  1. Rank - this in your child's approximate place in line at a given point in time. This changes positively or negatively due to a variety of factors such as siblings, employee children, or people no longer interested.
  2. Lottery - this is the number of the lottery where you received your family number.
  3. Status - this refers to your priority i.e. S = Sibling, E = Employee children, A = Apple Valley residents and O = Outlying communities (all other cities)
  4. Family Number - this is the permanent number you received at your lottery.
You can search for your place in line, by entering the appropriate Class of... field, Lottery number, Status code, and Family Number. To view each list in its entirety, choose the appropriate Class of list. Please see the Class Reference Sheet.