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Charter schools are schools of choice and they are open to all students in the county in which the school exists as well as students residing in counties that share boundary lines. If there are more students wanting to attend than there are spaces, the California Education Code 47605, requires charter schools to use a lottery to ensure a fair and impartial enrollment process.

The public lottery, where prospective students receive their family number, is held three times a year on the third Thursday of September, February and May.

The process works like this:

Step 1: Applications are separated into two categories based on city of residence - Apple Valley (A) residents and outlying communities (O) i.e. Hesperia, Victorville etc. Example: Two families turn in an application. The Hernandez family lives in Apple Valley and the Thompson family lives in Victorville. The applications are separated into one of two categories, families that reside within the Apple Valley Unified School District boundaries and those who do not. Apple Valley residents have a higher preference than those who live outside of Apple Valley. Please see admission priorities.

Step 2: The AAE holds a public lottery meeting where families are given a randomly selected (computer generated) lottery number. A family will be in a lottery only one time. This number is known as the family number that becomes the last part of the family reference code. This code is used to place each child in your family on the waiting list and will be utilized to find your student's ranking on our website. If you decide to add a child to the waiting list at a later time, the family reference code will still be utilized.

Step 3: After the lottery, a family will receive notification of where each child in the family is currently ranked on the waiting list for the current school year. Siblings are not guaranteed placement at the same time because there may not be space available in their particular grade level.

Each lottery contains two lists or sets of randomly selected family numbers. One list is for Apple Valley residents (A) and the other for outlying communities (O). Every family within a lottery (A then O) is contacted prior to moving to the next lottery for a particular grade level. Grade levels may be on a different lottery depending on spaces available.

For example, let's say that the Hernandez and Thompson families are both in lottery #8, which was created last year. The Thompson's have a 10th grader who wants to attend the AAE. Lottery #8 doesn't have any more Apple Valley (A) 10th grade students on the list, so the school calls the Thompson's because they are up next. Once all 10th grade students in lottery #8 are called and offered placement, the AAE will then move on to the next lottery list, in this example it would be lottery #9.

Summary notes: We advise you to submit your application and receive a Family Number as soon as possible. You may apply once your child reaches three years old. 

The student population at the AAE is relatively stable, so only a few new students are admitted each year. However, circumstances change continually, and openings regularly occur.

Every child is given a grade level ranking number based on the family reference code. This ranking number fluctuates due to admission priorities. You may accept or decline enrollment if called, or ask to be kept on the list. The family reference code remains the same no matter how much time has gone by. You do not need to have a new reference code each year. If your student does not get in for the desired year, he/she will be promoted on our waiting list.

It is your responsibility to notify the school if you change your address or phone number. Lists are purged periodically, which may adjust ranking positively if people are no longer interested.