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Admission Priorities

The AAE follows the federal and state regulated admission priorities listed below:
  1. Siblings of current AAE students, space permitting by class.
  2. Children of LCER salaried-regular full time employees, children of LCER salaried-regular part time employees (employed in the aforementioned position for a minimum of two consecutive years), and coaches (with a minimum of two consecutive coaching sessions), space permitting by class.
  3. Residing within the boundaries of Apple Valley Unified School District, space permitting by class.
  4. All other students from San Bernardino and contiguous counties only, space permitting by class.
  5. Whenever the number of applicants in any of the priority groups exceeds the classroom capacity, they will be admitting by public random drawing as required by state and federal law, and under the observation of a qualified independent observer.
A lottery system occurs when demand for enrollment exceeds capacity of the school.