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Independent Study

The Governing Board authorizes Independent Study as an optional alternative instructional strategy for students in any K-12 school in the organization, which includes Academy for Academic Excellence and Norton Science and Language Academy. Independent Study provides a means for students to achieve curriculum objectives and meet graduation requirements outside the regular classroom.
Independent Study is a continuously voluntary, educational alternative in which no student may be required to participate. Instruction may be provided only if the student is offered a classroom option that is always available.
Short-term independent study (less than 15 days in a school year) is available to all students. Long-term independent study (15 days or more in a school year) will only be available to student in grades 9-12.
Independent Study shall offer a means of individualizing an educational learning plan for students whose needs may be best met temporarily through study outside of the regular classroom setting. The organization shall provide and ensure students who are engaging in Independent Study have the same access to existing services and resources as are available to all other students in the school in which the Independent Study students are enrolled.
The President/CEO or designee shall determine that the prospective Independent Study student understands the organization's requirements for Independent Study and is prepared to meet them.
Those interested in Independent Study for the 2021-2022 school year can email School Counselor, Genevieve Cook at or call at 760-946-5414 ext: 208.