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Registration and Enrollment

Welcome to the Academy for Academic Excellence enrollment process! We are excited that you are considering enrolling your son or daughter here at the AAE. We do not take that lightly and our hope is to provide you with an honest and easy to understand process.

Here are the steps for applying for enrollment:

   1. Get our one page application for each child you are considering to enroll.

   2. Fill it out and drop it off at the school office.
         1. Apple Valley (A) residents must make available for copying:
               1. A legal form of identification
               2. A recent utility bill showing name and address
         2. Outlying communities (O) do not need to supply proof of residence

   3. This application will be included in the upcoming lottery that occurs during the months of September, February and May on the third Thursday. Applications are due the prior Wednesday by 3:00pm. You will receive notification of the date of the next public lottery. We encourage your attendance although it is not required. This is an opportunity to hear about our school, understand the lottery/waiting list process more thoroughly and ask questions.

   4. Approximately one week later you will receive a letter indicating your results from the lottery. This 3-part reference code will include lottery number, priority status and family number. For example: a reference code of 5.A.23 is read as follows:
         1. 5 is the number of the lottery you participated in
         2. A is the priority status referring to Apple Valley residents
         3. 23 is the randomly drawn number from this lottery

   5. This reference code establishes your position on the waiting list. Please be aware that positions/ranking fluctuate due to a variety of reasons.
         1. Sibling priority
         2. Employee priority
         3. Rolling over of lists when no room exist for the current year
         4. People no longer showing interest in the list or unable to be reached

   6. Please be patient. We have had some people on our list for over three years in some cases due to grade level demand. The list does move, however, we do not want to provide false hopes of immediate enrollment.